Google has just announced a new social aspect to their search engine, simply called +1. As detailed in an article by the Financial Times, ( Google is trying to use this new feature to compete with Facebook’s “like” system of judging web content.

Personally, I think this is a really smart idea. Google should be able to use this data to draw advertisers to sites with the highest amount of “+1’s” so that advertisers can see which websites people are most interested in. This in turn could help websites to adjust their prices for banner ads if they have a higher +1 status, or vice versa. In a time when everyone is uncertain of the effectiveness of online advertising, this seems like a likely step in the right direction for ad companies and websites to gauge the popularity of various sites.

If I worked at Google, I would collect this data and then sell it to various websites. That way, Google can turn a profit off of this new system while helping to inform website admins to the popularity of their site. Alternatively, websites might want to pay Google to enable the “+1” feature for their sites when they come up in a search. I really feel like this is a great idea for everyone involved in online marketing, and could definitely boost the ad revenue that is gained by online news media sites. In general, if something works for Facebook, it should work in the broader context of the Internet’s social media capabilities.

Now the only thing left to determine is if Google users will like, I mean, +1, this new feature.



In this corner... the world champion of all search engines... Google!!!

And in this corner, the fastest growing social network on the web... Facebook!!!