Ads in print magazines are seeing a recent comeback, according to the latest issue of In the article, Rolling Stone, Vogue, and Business Week saw impressive gains in their first quarter ad sales, which constitutes the fourth quarter in a row where many major print magazines have seen a rise in advertisements.

This really goes a long way towards rebutting the common thought process that “print is dead”. Sure, the print industry isn’t what it once was (and probably will never be that financially lucrative again) still has the power to attract readers and advertisers.

Personally, I can’t imagine reading my favorite magazines off of a computer screen or ipad- I need to be able to hold the physical magazine in my hand and turn the pages. There’s just something so classic about print magazines that I don’t think digital magazines could ever replace. And I’m willing to bet there are a lot more people like that out there than you might expect.

Print magazines may be pricey, but many niche consumers are willing to pay for high quality journalism. Advertisers shouldn’t abandon the print industry- they just need to carefully pick where they place their ads. Just like we’ve discussed in class, printed advertisements are worth so much more than digital ones. So how come the ad industry is only beginning to realize the importance of print now?

I honestly feel like its been long enough that many people miss printed magazines. In a way, printed magazines are almost “retro” which we all know is always a good thing. Sure, reading the daily on your shiny new Ipad is fun, but you’ll never be able to capture the swish of the pages as you thumb through your favorite newspaper or magazine. Let’s hope that the ad industry continues to back printed journalism so that we don’t forget our literary roots.