If Justin Beiber can become an overnight sensation because of YouTube, who’s to say that the next Steven Spielberg won’t be found there too?

Google, the owner of YouTube, has purchased the web video company Next New Video for $50 million dollars, as announced on Monday (http://nyti.ms/gB2TI9). Next New Video is a website through which users can create their own videos and distribute them for profit.

The acquisition of Next New Video may turn out to be a huge success for YouTube. When most people think of YouTube videos, some of the first things that come to mind are dogs on skateboards and other America’s Funniest Home Video type of clips. However, genuinely talented people have been discovered on YouTube, including Justin Beiber (like him or not) and the newest lead singer of the rock band Journey.

Professional, full length videos on YouTube might be the start of independently produced feature films, news shows, and even accurate newscasts by citizen journalists. Much like public access TV gave regular Americans access to a television audience, YouTube has given people all over the world the chance to get exposure on an international level. I’m actually shocked that more directors and citizen journalists haven’t been discovered already.

I think the acquisition of Next New Video by YouTube is a great thing. By giving people easy access to software that allows them to create professional grade videos instead of amateurish gag clips, more and more budding journalists and film directors will surely begin to make their work known. The world has seen enough silly viral videos and teen idols gain popularity from YouTube – Bring on the award winning online journalists and Oscar winning directors.

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