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In an article on www.paidcontent.org, Dave Kaplan discusses the future of digital magazines as apps. While the apps haven’t been so successful before, many magazines have greatly increased their focus on creating better and more involved apps, including Sports Illustrated and Popular Mechanic.

I’ve never actually read a magazine app, but I have to say the idea sounds really interesting. I love reading magazines more than anything, and back in the days when they were affordable on the newsstand I would usually read at least 3 or 4 a month. But lately, newsstand prices have skyrocketed, putting the cost of a single magazine around 7 or 8 dollars. I just can’t justify spending that much on a single issue of anything.

But if I were to download magazines for my Ipad, I would be able to get all the full color pictures and in-depth articles I love without having to shell out the extra cash for the paper edition. Furthermore, advertisers could utilize these full color apps to create beautiful ads, just like in printed magazines.

I feel like this is the best possible example of the advertising industry and consumers getting their cake and eating it too; magazine apps will arguably be more affordable, and offer the same content that the print versions did before, while advertisers don’t have to spend so much money on the cost of print ads while benefiting from the colorful format of magazine advertisements on a digital device.

I think that magazine publishers should go full steam ahead with their plans for bigger and better magazine apps. I personally can’t wait to be able to read my favorite monthlies again without having to worry about the damage done to my wallet.


In a new article on ClickZ.com, analysts at Publicis-owned ZenithOptimedia have stated that ad revenue this year has gone down because of the events in Egypt and the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. However, ad revenue is expected to bounce back in 2012 and 2013, with some surprising results.

Online advertising is predicted to become the second largest advertising medium behind television ads in the next two years. Newspapers currently receive the largest amount of ads after television, but the shifting of the world market towards the internet is about to drastically change this long stable ad model.

I’m really not surprised that more and more ads are being placed on the internet every year. I feel like this is a natural progression of the media and the way people are getting their information in general. More people than ever before are getting their daily news from websites and blogs, so it only makes sense for advertisers to place their ads on these sites.

Even though print advertisements are more effective and longer-lasting, how many people are actually looking at them? Besides the fact that they are 10 times more expensive on average than online ads, circulation of newspapers and magazines has decreased drastically in the last decade. If I had the choice of paying ten cents for an online ad that might be briefly viewed by millions of people, or a more lasting print ad that only reached hundreds of thousands, I would be hard pressed not to choose the online ad. There is a certain power in subliminal messaging, which I think plays a large part in online advertising.

Must...buy...Captain Crunch...


So is the Dollar-Dime model of adverting collapsing as we speak? Maybe so. In the next decade, the cost of print and online ad revenue may flip entirely, so that we see the average online ad costing ten times more than a print advertisement. But one thing is for sure: be prepared to see more online ads on your favorite websites in the next two years.